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Εφ. Ραντικάλ 22-1-2011


Είναι η έκπληξη του ΑΚΠ ο Αγάρ ;

Ακούγεται πως το κόμμα ΑΚΠ στις γενικές εκλογές του 2011 θα έχει ως υποψήφιο βουλευτή στο Ελάζιγκ τον Μεχμέτ Αγάρ.

Καθώς πλησιάζουν οι εκλογές και επιταχύνονται οι προσπάθειες των κομμάτων να αναδείξουν κατάλληλους υποψηφίους ώστε να έχουν εγγυημένες ψήφους, έφτασε είδηση στην Gazeteport πως το κόμμα ΑΚΠ στις εκλογές θα έχει ως υποψήφιο βουλευτή του Ελάζιγκ τον τέως πρόεδρο του κόμματος DYP Μεχμέτ Αγάρ.


Ο Αγάρ μετείχε ως ανεξάρτητος βουλευτής του Ελάζιγκ στις εκλογές της 18ης Απριλίου 1999 και είχε πάρει 68.540 ψήφους, πιο πολλές από οποιονδήποτε άλλο ανεξάρτητο βουλευτή.



Σχόλιο : Όποιος θέλει διαβάζει παρακάτω το τι αναφέρει το Wikipedia για αυτόν τον …συμπαθή κύριο. Αν επιβεβαιωθεί η υποψηφιότητα του, θα πρόκειται για ένα ακόμη τεκμήριο της συντηρητικής στροφής που έχει πάρει το κόμμα του Ερντογάν. Διότι μιλάμε για μαφιόζο της πολιτικής…

Susurluk scandal

Main article: Susurluk scandal

With the Susurluk Scandal of 1996 his political carrier ended for some time. He famously said “I will talk if the state wants me to” to a commission investigating the affair. He escaped justice at the time due to his immunity, however he will be retried starting on 9 February 2009 at the Ankara 11th High Criminal Court.[1] If he refuses to attend his hearing, he will be escorted by the police.[2]

The Susurluk report contained the following information:[3]

On 19 October 1984, when he was İstanbul Deputy Chief of Police, he held a meeting with ultra- nationalist activist Celal Adan.

On 3 July 1985, while serving as Public Order Branch Director at İstanbul Police HQ, he contacted owners of a company, İbrahim Aslan and Mahmut Şahin, who were followers of the Süleyman Sect, and gave them the files and other information about the investigation carried out against members of the Süleyman Sect, which should have been kept secret.

On 4 September 1986 ultra-nationalist activist Selim Kaptanoğlu declared that “they had been engaged in collecting of checks and vouchers; they had collected money from the Mafia bosses in the name of Alpaslan Türkeş; they had given part of this money to Alpaslan Türkeş and another part to the ultra-nationalist activists in the prisons; and while doing this they had been in close contact to the Deputy Chief of Police, Mehmet Ağar.”

It was determined that on 5 December 1990 he took a bribe from Kemal Kaçar from the Süleyman Sect.

He pushed for ultra-nationalists candidates to be chosen to the Police Academy in the examinations of the Academy held on 29 September 1993.

He was elected DYP Elazığ MP in the general elections held on 24 December 1995.

He was assigned the post of Minister of Justice in the cabinet of the 53rd Government (the Coalition Government of ANAP and DYP) in 1996.

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